Earth, fire, air and water. Four elements, four woman that they are about to disappear. Four stories to show a reality that for most people is hidden. And you, do you see it?


Cast: Lara Palma, María del Mar, Sara Ralla, Elena de Lara
Production company: NoFather Films
Written and Directed: Rafa G. Arroyo
Actors coaching: Ana Amaro
Original Story: Nerea Barrios
Producer: Isabel Bernal
Production assistant: Alberto Bang, Lara Palma
Director of Photography: Rafa G. Arroyo
Art Director: Mariola Viejo Martí
Stylist: Lara Palma
Editing and Color grading: Rafa G. Arroyo
Sound Designer: Armando D. Hernández
Re-recording mixer: Jon Madina
Sound Studio: Calavera Sound
Music: Endless Melancholy “One Day You Will Be Free (feat. BILYK)”
Making of: Isabel Bernal, Carolina Gistain
Credits: Pablo Hablo
Extras: Carlos Kompier, Kino Gil