NONEXISTENT. | short film made in quarantine


Nonexistent is a short film shot in quarantine and with the fewest available resources. Words like insomnia, stress, worry, sadness and uncertainty have led me to create this short film called Nonexistent where I reflect and experiment with desolation and the fear of losing our memories prior to confinement. Where has all my memories gone? What if we can't get them back? They are questions that torment the protagonist in full confinement and to which he tries to find answers.

No one really knows the thoughts and fears that others experience, rather we make assumptions based on how we relate to each other. Isolation, forced in this case, is not bearable for anyone andI want to make an effort to reach those who do not show the optimism that others cultivate, particularly in the RRSS; Contemplate the deadly effect of an invisible virus, compounded by emotional (and human) issues: the inability to hug your friends, share a meal with your family, or see a loved one walking down the street toward you.

If you are struggling to hide your feelings and not show them for fear of rejection or guilt, this film is for you; No one is immune to expressing what we really feel. That is why I develop this work to connect with those all people who are really going through difficult times and to tell them that you are not alone.

Thanks to the collaboration and dedication of non-professionals, this audiovisual piece has been carried out. This is the case of our lead Alejandro Navarro who, without experience in the audiovisual world, embodies loneliness and frustration. On his behalf, Stas Nikitin, also unconnected to the sector, narrates an unpublished state that does not understand borders, customs or idioms. Finally, the piped music comes direct from Los Angeles with an enveloping and minimalist piece by Jesse Woolston.

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Starring: Alejandro Navarro
Voice over: Stas Nikitin
Composer: Jesse Woolston

A film by Rafa G. Arroyo